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What is Urban and Rural?

Urban and Rural focuses on the surroundings of an area, rather than individual elements within.

City Life

Just because a photo was taken in a city, doesn't automatically make it a city life piece. Therefore, shots of traffic lights or zebra crossings won't be accepted. City life is all about the way we live, ie what goes on in a city. This can relate closely to street photography in some aspects, but not all. City life can show a city in operation - traffic, trains and other aspects.

Cityscapes and Skylines

Obviously, these are the urban equivalent of landscapes. If it doesn't involve buildings... it should probably go into 'Country Life' instead :)

Country Life

Similar to City Life, but obviously in the countryside. So, it shows how people life in rural areas. It can also be used for landscapes or for showing vast areas of countryside.

Gardens, Parks and Cemeteries

This is not for close up shots of headstones, or flowers, or monuments, or benches, or grass :B This is for showing the whole, surrounding area of either a garden, park or cemetery.


This one is pretty simple. Industrial stuff :B ie, industrial areas, cranes, railways etc.


If you don't think the piece fits anywhere else but could still be considered U&R, then this is the place it should go.

Urban Exploration

People seem to misunderstand this gallery the most and usually has the most miscats. This gallery is for places that are abandoned, wasted, out of use, ruined, out of reach normally etc etc. Places like abandoned warehouses, rail ways and the like.

That's about it. If you have any questions, then PLEASE ask :)

Also! Submissions have gone up from three, to five per week! So get submitting :dummy:<u>